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Live conditioned products

We can source certain types of live farmed fish such as Turbot, Trout, Bass and Sea Bream to order.

We run our own chilled seawater holding and conditioning ”vivier” plant. This is a multi temperature facility, where our Scottish Langoustine, also known as Norway Lobster, Scampi, and Dublin Bay Prawns, are kept in pristine condition, to await shipment.

This facility also handles European lobster, and services live viver trucks with clean temperature controlled seawater for holding and transporting Brown Crabs and Velvet Swimming crabs.

The controls on the handling techniques on live prawn / langoustine, to condition them for transportation by truck or by air, start at sea, immediately they are taken on board.  On board equipment such as liquid ice generation, allows chilled dry and tanked holding facilities which keep stress levels to the minimum. This handling system has been developed and tested by our in house Biologist in partnership with Glasgow University in a KTP project. This is running over a three year period. Working on refining techniques and systems to maximise the amount of product landed in the best possible conditions, thus allowing less landed product to achieve a higher stock landed value. Blood sugar levels are monitored to ensure top quality and seafresh taste.

On board handling involves individually inspecting every prawn for quality and size, then storing separately in tubes to prevent any damage due to fighting or crushing. Careful husbandry is carried out with all the shellfish and crustacean, to ensure maximum quality and shelf life.

By adopting this approach clients can order just in time products for arrival by truck, thus avoiding additional airfreight costs and problems.

lf sending by airfreight we work only with companies experienced in solving problems and in handling live shellfish.

Brown Crabs, velvet swimming crabs, green crabs, and common prawn (panaeus) are also available.

Razor Clams, Surf Clams, Sand Gapers ( UK. Produce), King Scallops, Queen scallops and Winkles are also packed and labelled to customers requirement, either in bulk packs or small units.