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Sustainable Business Ethics

We work in close partnership ventures with fishermen and catching companies that conform to the long term sustainability of the industry.

We work with wild hunted product, caught by vessels acting within the constraints set down by UK and EC legislation designed to give harvests of quotas of various species that are within safe limits. The catching fleet has been reduced considerably over the years to what are considered to be safe and sustainable levels of activity, using equipment refined to reduce unwanted catch.

Fishing vessels are by nature of their business hazardous working platforms, and are regularly inspected to ensure their conformity with Government safety regulations.

Many are now working toward Responsible Fishing Standards, a new multi faceted award for the more forward thinking skippers. This is vetted by an independent quality assurance agency out with the fishing industry.

All our production plants are modern, maintained to a high standard, and visited and checked as compliant with EC standards by the local Environmental Offices. Our HACCP controls and Health and Safety implementation is checked on a regular basis by external assurance inspectors.

We maintain a program of continual investment to ensure cost efficient handling, minimal add on costs, and maintaining top quality.

We take quality of product and service very seriously and strive to ensure high standards.

Staff are trained to be multi tasking to maximise efficiencies and minimise overhead costs.

We have a non discriminatory policy of employment, and operate profit sharing and productivity beneficial schemes with employees and catching venture partners.